A Glance at ADA: Aviva’s Algorithmic Decision Agent | Damian Rumble, Aviva | EGG LDN 2019

Aviva looks to leverage its vast data resources to drive world class customer data science into action. Dr Rumble works has been involved in the development of ADA, Aviva’s Algorithmic decision agent, a customer first AI that is powering omni-channel hyper personalised marketing. ADA is a supervised machine learning model ensemble that utilises Aviva’s Customer data and XGBoosting methods to provide predictions of our customer’s next best actions.

Not only does this project showcase the power of big data to provide predictions of the future behaviour of our customers, it also demonstrates the full life cycle of a fintech project, from inception, design, delivery of a MVP. Completing A/B testing and working with stakeholders across the business to ensure ADA becomes widely used in all aspects of the business, rather than simply being another data science curiosity that gathers dust on the shelf.